22 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 17)

Biblical leaders shepherd the people for whom they are responsible, tangibly expressing God’s care for us. In response, godly servants submit willingly to authority, recognizing that God establishes authorities in our lives.

15 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 16)

Simply being alive means that we will suffer at some point. The question is whether we will experience it for doing right or doing wrong. Peter reminds us that it is much better to suffer for following Jesus on the narrow path and contributing to his mission rather than seeking our own.

11 Mar

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 14)

While God is just and we naturally want justice for ourselves, God is more intent upon establishing lasting life through redemption. Ultimately it is eternal life that vindicates those who love God and do his will.

25 Feb

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 12)

If we really worship Jesus as Lord, suffering will be inevitable. Instead of asking if we will suffer, we should be asking how we can suffer with Jesus, delighting in him and in the opportunity to share the hope within us.

07 Jan

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 6)

Worshiping God is inspired by the experience of his grace, and it fulfills the purpose for which he made us. And as we experience his joy in worship it drives us to share it with those around us.

12 Nov

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 5)

Experiencing the Word of God, the Gospel, gives us the ability to be known and loved. Experiences of the Gospel in turn feed our craving for more of the Gospel and lead to confession and outward expressions of God’s grace to others.

05 Nov

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 4)

God has reasonable expectations of us which should be cause for fear. But rather than fear that leads to dread, our redemption in Jesus should motivate a reverential fear and desire to imitate Jesus that restores and sustains joy.

23 Oct

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 2)

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ secure hope and joy that remain steadfast even through pain and suffering. When we love and trust him we can experience joy in its fullest.