17 Mar

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 10)

We often think that we need to attend to our own interests to accomplish anything of significance. But Jesus reminds us that success in God’s eyes comes only through focusing on Jesus and others, sacrificing our own desires, and committing everything to Kingdom ministry.

03 Mar

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 8)

When life seems to be everything but thriving, recovery and renewal begin with an honest assessment both of our circumstances and ourselves. As we recognize our own limitations, acknowledge our spiritual condition, and listen to Jesus, he offers us the opportunity to rest and experience renewed life with him.

06 Jan

Measuring What Matters Most

If we want to evaluate ministry effectively and continue to improve it, we need to do it with the proper understanding of Jesus as the church’s owner and the mission Jesus defined for his people.

15 Jul

The “Norm” – Collaboration Sunday

Joint Service – 4th Plain Baptist & The Gathering Place – John 14:12-14

We can expect the faith and works of “normal” everyday Christians to have extraordinary impact for God’s Kingdom when they are Spirit-filled and functioning as God intends for the body of Christ.

18 Jun

GateCrashers (2 of 2)

Those who have experienced the forgiveness of God through Jesus have been given the authority and responsibility to extend that same forgiveness to others. This forgiveness among the people of God becomes practice for communicating that same forgiveness to a desperate world.

23 Apr

The Cure (2 of 8)

Jesus’ ability to heal a blind man and others is amazing, but more importantly it points to Jesus as the Messiah. If we believe in Jesus even while we’re in darkness, we can experience everlasting life and worship God genuinely.

16 Apr

The Cure (1 of 8)

Since Jesus has absolute authority over death and decay, death is not final and life is more resilient than we think. Experiencing that life comes with responding to Jesus’ call to “come out” and join him, leaving behind our doubts, fears, and failures.

02 Apr

Come to the Altar (3 of 4)

Worship is not about where or how as much as it is about who and what we worship. In John 4 Jesus teaches us about worshiping the true God in spirit and truth.