28 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 3)

Jesus had no qualms about hanging out with “sinners” despite the pushback he received from the religious people in his day. Since he was more concerned with reconciling people to God than about how people perceived him, he was willing to wade into people’s messy lives even at personal cost to himself.

21 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 2)

The compassionate nature of the gospel is rooted in God himself, but God includes us in the process and empowers us when we are committed to loving others creatively and persistently regardless of the cost.

14 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 1)

We will never experience the fullness of God’s grace when preoccupied with ourselves. But when we relinquish our self-interests and focus on God and others, God is ready to pour out his generosity and kindness upon us.