16 Jun

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 5)

What is successful, wise life management? It is the faithfulness that comes from humbly living in unity with others who want to live like Jesus and seek his ultimate approval.

09 Jun

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 4)

We’ve all experienced the destructive consequences of bad decisions, both our own and those of others because our actions affect one another. But the gospel and a return to healthy life stewardship can redeem us in the destruction and bring hope for the future.

02 Jun

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 3)

When God transforms us with the gospel and gives us a new identity, his gift of eternal security enables us to hold resources loosely. Such confidence allows us to share generously for the sake of others and the advancement of God’s kingdom.

26 May

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 2)

We were made to celebrate God’s glory and find fulfillment in him, but our preoccupation with ourselves and the idolatry of things has left us far short of God’s plan for us. Nevertheless, Jesus offers to restore us to the stewardship God intended where we can find peace and fulfillment celebrating God’s glory once again.

19 May

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 1)

God has entrusted us with much, and we will have to account for it. Yet even knowing what we should do, we don’t always act like it. But an honest examination of ourselves and a decision to act wisely will prepare us for the examination to come.