14 Apr

Unpacking Dirty Church Words: Forgive (Part 3)

When we are unwilling to forgive others we replace God with ourselves as victims. But when we follow Jesus’ model, we acknowledge God’s authority in the offenses against us, find a path to forgiving others, and experience the restored life that God offers.

27 Jan

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 3)

Flourishing life comes when we recognize who we are in relation to God, submit to his authority, and dialogue within him about the things that really matter in life. In practical terms this means that we don’t know enough to tell God what we need or what he should do. God genuinely wants to hear our desires, but then we need to be willing to listen to his guidance and direction.

18 Nov

Good Grief: Embracing Life When All Seems Lost (Part 3)

Instead of grieving losses, the world typically addresses loss by avoiding the loss, blaming others and themselves, and controlling what they can. These tactics eventually lead to despair, but trust in God’s goodness and control can provide hope for the future and strength in the present.

17 Sep

Resting in a Restless World (3 of 5)

Self-determination and attempts at self-sufficiency invariably result in anxiety and restlessness. In contrast, vitality and fulfillment come with the meaningful and generous relationships that God establishes in community.