12 May

Songs for the Journey – Psalm 122

Corporate worship isn’t about getting or experiencing something. Gathering for worship is about stoking our desire for God, testifying to his greatness, and pursuing what God desires for us together.

06 Jan

Measuring What Matters Most

If we want to evaluate ministry effectively and continue to improve it, we need to do it with the proper understanding of Jesus as the church’s owner and the mission Jesus defined for his people.

05 Aug

We Are The Gathering Place (Part 1)

God didn’t redeem us and call us as his servants because we were so impressive. He chose us out of his grace and love, the same grace and love that we are called to share with those around us.

29 Jul

Acting Out: Getting In On the Movement of God (Part 12)

A healthy church consists of servants defined by a unified desire for God’s kingdom. These servants are responsible in the relationships God gives them and are successful in their mission because they experience the gospel of Jesus Christ even as they testify to his resurrection.

22 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 17)

Biblical leaders shepherd the people for whom they are responsible, tangibly expressing God’s care for us. In response, godly servants submit willingly to authority, recognizing that God establishes authorities in our lives.