09 Jun

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 4)

We’ve all experienced the destructive consequences of bad decisions, both our own and those of others because our actions affect one another. But the gospel and a return to healthy life stewardship can redeem us in the destruction and bring hope for the future.

02 Jun

The Wise and the Foolish (Part 3)

When God transforms us with the gospel and gives us a new identity, his gift of eternal security enables us to hold resources loosely. Such confidence allows us to share generously for the sake of others and the advancement of God’s kingdom.

17 Mar

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 10)

We often think that we need to attend to our own interests to accomplish anything of significance. But Jesus reminds us that success in God’s eyes comes only through focusing on Jesus and others, sacrificing our own desires, and committing everything to Kingdom ministry.

28 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 3)

Jesus had no qualms about hanging out with “sinners” despite the pushback he received from the religious people in his day. Since he was more concerned with reconciling people to God than about how people perceived him, he was willing to wade into people’s messy lives even at personal cost to himself.

21 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 2)

The compassionate nature of the gospel is rooted in God himself, but God includes us in the process and empowers us when we are committed to loving others creatively and persistently regardless of the cost.

15 Jul

The “Norm” – Collaboration Sunday

Joint Service – 4th Plain Baptist & The Gathering Place – John 14:12-14

We can expect the faith and works of “normal” everyday Christians to have extraordinary impact for God’s Kingdom when they are Spirit-filled and functioning as God intends for the body of Christ.

24 Jun

Acting Out: Getting In On the Movement of God (Part 8)

Understating our problem doesn’t solve it. But acknowledging our brokenness, repenting, and responding to God’s generous offer of mercy and grace brings redemption and new life. And by extension, God invites us to join him in extending that mercy to others through good works and testimonies of his grace.

17 Jun

Acting Out: Getting In On the Movement of God (Part 7)

Experience of the gospel in our own lives enables us to see brokenness that we never noticed before. But the gospel doesn’t just open our eyes. Faith in Jesus should pour out of us in such a way that people can experience the extravagance of Christ through us.

10 Jun

Acting Out: Getting In On the Movement of God (Part 6)

Baptism as a public demonstration of one’s faith in Jesus Christ is the initial indication that a person has heard, understood, and responded to the gospel. But this “fruit of repentance” continues in good works and by just “showing up” and growing in fellowship.

31 Dec

Put Back Into Circulation!

Being salt and light in a dark world means engaging in life with the people around us. Guest speaker, Frank Figueroa Jr., pastor of Waipio Grace Brethren Church, shares from Matthew 5.

12 Nov

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 5)

Experiencing the Word of God, the Gospel, gives us the ability to be known and loved. Experiences of the Gospel in turn feed our craving for more of the Gospel and lead to confession and outward expressions of God’s grace to others.

17 Jul

ID: Facing Who We Really Are (3 of 5)

While we were enslaved, when we identify with Jesus, we are adopted by God and made his heirs. Instead of being slaves to our sinful natures, we are made servant kings with all rights and privileges and the ability to live meaningful lives.