14 Apr

Unpacking Dirty Church Words: Forgive (Part 3)

When we are unwilling to forgive others we replace God with ourselves as victims. But when we follow Jesus’ model, we acknowledge God’s authority in the offenses against us, find a path to forgiving others, and experience the restored life that God offers.

31 Mar

Unpacking Dirty Church Words: Forgive (Part 1)

We often put as much effort into hiding and justifying our sin as we do sinning itself, only making it worse in the process. But when in the midst of our consequences we acknowledge our sin and receive God’s forgiveness, he disarms our disobedience and blesses us with his protection and direction.

13 Jan

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 1)

God intends for us to thrive, but it can only be experienced in knowing him and his grace. This amazing grace establishes our new identity, and God’s truth reveals our vulnerability and helps us embrace fulfilling life in Christ together with the costs of following him.

21 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 2)

The compassionate nature of the gospel is rooted in God himself, but God includes us in the process and empowers us when we are committed to loving others creatively and persistently regardless of the cost.

14 Oct

Grace Comes First (Part 1)

We will never experience the fullness of God’s grace when preoccupied with ourselves. But when we relinquish our self-interests and focus on God and others, God is ready to pour out his generosity and kindness upon us.

05 Aug

We Are The Gathering Place (Part 1)

God didn’t redeem us and call us as his servants because we were so impressive. He chose us out of his grace and love, the same grace and love that we are called to share with those around us.

17 Jun

Acting Out: Getting In On the Movement of God (Part 7)

Experience of the gospel in our own lives enables us to see brokenness that we never noticed before. But the gospel doesn’t just open our eyes. Faith in Jesus should pour out of us in such a way that people can experience the extravagance of Christ through us.

18 Feb

Church Anniversary Celebration

After a 25min. introduction of video from past events, we hear aspects of our 30 year journey from Marlyn Ellyson, David Johnson, Eric & Colleen Johnson, Greg Ellyson, Paula Colby, Dallas Lange, and Pastor Tim.

12 Nov

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 5)

Experiencing the Word of God, the Gospel, gives us the ability to be known and loved. Experiences of the Gospel in turn feed our craving for more of the Gospel and lead to confession and outward expressions of God’s grace to others.

08 Oct

Resting in a Restless World (5 of 5)

Many in the past have missed out on the rest God intends. But learning from them, we can better understand how to listen to God and be assured of the rest that comes in walking with Jesus, even when it is difficult.

06 Aug

Stories from the Fold: Becci Gonzalez

Becci hid her pregnancy as a teenager for eight months, but eventually everyone knew the truth. Her decisions ended dreams of college and altered her image as a “good” girl, but the grace of God expressed through her church meant she wasn’t alone and God still had good things prepared for her.

26 Feb

#BrokenLivesMatter (1 of 3)

Broken people matter so much to God that he pursues us despite our guilt and shame, restores us from our guilt, and heals us. And when he has changed us, it’s easy to see the value of others since he values them so much.