18 Nov

Good Grief: Embracing Life When All Seems Lost (Part 3)

Instead of grieving losses, the world typically addresses loss by avoiding the loss, blaming others and themselves, and controlling what they can. These tactics eventually lead to despair, but trust in God’s goodness and control can provide hope for the future and strength in the present.

20 Nov

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Part 1)

We are all separated from God and subject to death, decay, and isolation, even in life. In the midst of our decay, self-centeredness and self-deception leave us functioning as if we are like God. Consequently, we neglect others and end up damaging those around us.

18 Jun

GateCrashers (2 of 2)

Those who have experienced the forgiveness of God through Jesus have been given the authority and responsibility to extend that same forgiveness to others. This forgiveness among the people of God becomes practice for communicating that same forgiveness to a desperate world.

26 Feb

#BrokenLivesMatter (1 of 3)

Broken people matter so much to God that he pursues us despite our guilt and shame, restores us from our guilt, and heals us. And when he has changed us, it’s easy to see the value of others since he values them so much.