18 Feb

Church Anniversary Celebration

After a 25min. introduction of video from past events, we hear aspects of our 30 year journey from Marlyn Ellyson, David Johnson, Eric & Colleen Johnson, Greg Ellyson, Paula Colby, Dallas Lange, and Pastor Tim.

06 Aug

Stories from the Fold: Becci Gonzalez

Becci hid her pregnancy as a teenager for eight months, but eventually everyone knew the truth. Her decisions ended dreams of college and altered her image as a “good” girl, but the grace of God expressed through her church meant she wasn’t alone and God still had good things prepared for her.

04 Jun

The Cure (8 of 8)

As reluctant as we might be to judge one another, if we really care for one another we must be willing to get in each other’s messes. Doing so with the right motives, to rescue each other from sin and express love and forgiveness, will prepare us all for the coming day of judgment.

28 May

The Cure (7 of 8)

We typically respond to suffering, whether deserved or not, by isolating, blaming others, or by trying to dig ourselves out on our own. James tells us that the real solution is found in submitting ourselves to God by confessing our needs and shortcomings to others who will pray for us and walk with us.

21 May

The Cure (6 of 8)

Staying on mission is difficult, especially when it hurts. But when we are honest, consistent, and persistent, and rely on Jesus, God is always there to strengthen us in our weakness and accomplish the task.