17 Mar

Thrive! Spiritual Rehab for the Wounded Soul (Part 10)

We often think that we need to attend to our own interests to accomplish anything of significance. But Jesus reminds us that success in God’s eyes comes only through focusing on Jesus and others, sacrificing our own desires, and committing everything to Kingdom ministry.

06 Jan

Measuring What Matters Most

If we want to evaluate ministry effectively and continue to improve it, we need to do it with the proper understanding of Jesus as the church’s owner and the mission Jesus defined for his people.

22 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 17)

Biblical leaders shepherd the people for whom they are responsible, tangibly expressing God’s care for us. In response, godly servants submit willingly to authority, recognizing that God establishes authorities in our lives.

18 Feb

Church Anniversary Celebration

After a 25min. introduction of video from past events, we hear aspects of our 30 year journey from Marlyn Ellyson, David Johnson, Eric & Colleen Johnson, Greg Ellyson, Paula Colby, Dallas Lange, and Pastor Tim.