06 Jan

Measuring What Matters Most

If we want to evaluate ministry effectively and continue to improve it, we need to do it with the proper understanding of Jesus as the church’s owner and the mission Jesus defined for his people.

15 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 16)

Simply being alive means that we will suffer at some point. The question is whether we will experience it for doing right or doing wrong. Peter reminds us that it is much better to suffer for following Jesus on the narrow path and contributing to his mission rather than seeking our own.

11 Jun

GateCrashers (1 of 2)

It is absolutely essential to the church’s mission that we understand who Jesus is and how he changes the world. If we are to have a part in the kingdom we must choose our side deliberately and remain focused on him.

21 May

The Cure (6 of 8)

Staying on mission is difficult, especially when it hurts. But when we are honest, consistent, and persistent, and rely on Jesus, God is always there to strengthen us in our weakness and accomplish the task.