28 Apr

Songs for the Journey – Psalm 120

Suffering, injustice, and conflict are not part of God’s design for creation, but when it comes, he is attentive to his people and is pleased when we come to him in prayer, depend on him to endure, and long for the restored world he intends.

18 Nov

Good Grief: Embracing Life When All Seems Lost (Part 3)

Instead of grieving losses, the world typically addresses loss by avoiding the loss, blaming others and themselves, and controlling what they can. These tactics eventually lead to despair, but trust in God’s goodness and control can provide hope for the future and strength in the present.

15 Apr

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 16)

Simply being alive means that we will suffer at some point. The question is whether we will experience it for doing right or doing wrong. Peter reminds us that it is much better to suffer for following Jesus on the narrow path and contributing to his mission rather than seeking our own.

11 Mar

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 14)

While God is just and we naturally want justice for ourselves, God is more intent upon establishing lasting life through redemption. Ultimately it is eternal life that vindicates those who love God and do his will.

25 Feb

Finding Joy in All Things (Part 12)

If we really worship Jesus as Lord, suffering will be inevitable. Instead of asking if we will suffer, we should be asking how we can suffer with Jesus, delighting in him and in the opportunity to share the hope within us.