How can a marriage survive after being rocked by infidelity? Discover how God’s grace leads to healing and restoration.


A thirty-foot drop onto heavy machinery will do a lot of physical damage, but it can also lead to questions about a God who previously seemed to have protected you.


Becci hid her pregnancy as a teenager for eight months, but eventually everyone knew the truth. Her decisions ended dreams of college and altered her image as a “good” girl, but the grace of God expressed through her church meant she wasn’t alone and God still had good things prepared for her.


Parenting is a difficult job, one that is complicated both by our own frailties as parents and by factors like adoption. But God is still very much at work in those difficulties, shaping both us and our children.


Planting a church is not an easy thing. But one’s personal experiences and the setting of Vancouver, BC can certainly complicate that journey.


Being a pastor’s wife isn’t easy to begin with, but add carbon monoxide poisoning and extensive rehab and life gets complicated. Apparently people in ministry have to deal with real life too.


An unintended pregnancy was hard enough as a teenager, but the church’s reaction only added to the pain of abuse that had long been hidden. It has taken time, but God’s pursuing love continues to bring peace and increasing awareness of her value as a child of God.


The loss of their daughter left them isolated and angry, but it was those very feelings that led to a new engagement with God and the ability to work through the pain.


While working through previous losses, Allen and Cyndy meet one another, struggle through additional loss, and meet Jesus.


What is a couple to think when Scripture describes children as a blessing but God doesn’t seem to bless? See God at work in this couple’s life as they share their struggle to have children.


Success as clinical psychologists, radical spiritual conversion, and the experience of injustice all become means for the experience of God’s grace.


Hear how God restores a struggling marriage in spite of insufficient church ministry and support.


Coming out of very different childhoods and subjected to a narrow view of God and religion, the Uskoskis navigate marital conflict and leave religious conformity in search of gospel centered community.


Hear how God works through cultural isolation, depression, and ministry fatigue to bring restoration.